Frequently Asked Question

In Short, Apelo Panel is platform where number of surveys invites will land to your provided email address and you may share your feedback, opinion, experience on any your favourite brands per new product launched. The survey could be on any topic depends on your profiling done by you while registering yourself. There can different be different length of every survey. Once you complete the survey then you will, you may won some cash that can be redeem through various gist card.

Here are some key facts about Apelo online panel membership:

• Registering for membership is free.
• You must register in the country of your main residence at the time-- you do not need to be a citizen as long as you are legally allowed to live there. If you move countries, you can notify us to move your account.
• If you no longer wish to be a member, you can at any point delete your account – although then you’d be also forfeiting any points you have collected.
• Member data is strictly confidential and kept in a secure, encrypted database. When you login and perform any actions on the Apelo website, the connection to our server is further encrypted using SSL (Security Socket Layer) technology. SSL is an encryption protocol that secures the communication channel and enables the identification of the server -- this technology is considered one of the safest currently available. We never sell or otherwise pass on your personal or contact details to third parties, so you won’t have to worry about spam.
• Your answers to any survey are always anonymized – we only connect it to demographic data for research purposes.
• If you have no time or do not wish to take part in a survey, you just ignore the invitation – participation is always optional.
• Points collected for answering surveys have a set monetary value and can be cashed in at certain milestones, i.e. from a certain points total and upwards. You can continue collecting to reach a higher milestone, but points need to be used up within two years or they expire. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you before that happens!
• Depending on the legislation of your country, points can be redeemed in as vouchers, bank transfer,paypal, virtual visa card or charity donations – you can see the specific rewards here.

It depends on requirements of questionnaire and the specification of the commissioning client, we need specific target group for each survey. Example a survey on cars would only make sense for car owners, a survey on cigarette flavours for smokers, and a survey on pet grooming for dog or cat owners. So the more details we have about your demographic profile, the more relevant survey you will be invited for.

We invite panellists based on the requirements of each survey, which are often very detailed and particular -- so it helps to know enough about each panellist to decide if they fit into that group (e.g. female 30-39, smoker, car owner). To make sure that you are invited to a survey where your opinions would be relevant, please make sure your profile is up to date and you have taken the basic profile survey.

• You filled out the questionnaire too quickly, without reading the questions precisely
• Your answers were inconsistent
• You did not fit to the survey’s target group
• Someone from the same IP address has already taken part in this survey
• Your target group quota is already full.

Often it is a special request from our clients that only one person from the same IP address may participate in some of our surveys. This means you might on occasion be kicked out from a survey because:

• People who live in the same household or work in the same company, share the same IP
• Internet/mobile providers change user IPs frequently and someone from the same IP has already participated in the survey
• You are registered in another panel and have already participated in the survey (the system remembers your IP and prevents you from participating again)

We regret the inconvenience, but unfortunately this is a technical issue and there is not much we can do.

It’s generally recommended for you to take part in surveys as soon as possible when you receive the invitation e-mail for the survey – so that you will be able to take part before the survey ends. Sometimes we need your participation rather quickly but we will give you always an estimated time until when they survey is open. If it doesn’t work, please contact us including the specific link you received, so we can trace the issue quickly.

Usually the points are added to your account shortly after you finish the survey. However, in the case of surveys from a partner panel, this could take a bit longer, sometimes up to 24 hours.

You get points for the following actions:

• Registering and confirming your account (20 points)
• Completing profile surveys that give us a first idea of your lifestyle and preferences (points depending on survey duration)
• Completing surveys you are invited to (points depending on survey duration)

At the top left of our homepage, next to the login button, you can find the “Forgot password” link. You have to enter your registered e-mail to receive the reset your existing password. If you have forgotten which email you registered with, please get in touch via the contact form.