Have a Doubt? We have thought from your end and answered almost all possible questions. Starting from eligibility to redemption of rewards, everything is covered.

Our Frequently Asked Questions are listed below.

To request a payment click on the link "Redeem" that will be made available on your account summary page next to your account balance. This link will only be available once you have reached the minimum reward points.
It is difficult to determine how much money you can make with Apelo Panel. There are too many variables in determining this. For example how often you log in, how many referrals you have, surveys you and your referrals complete.
Our panel members must be at least 13 years old in the United States or at least 16 years old in any other country. If you are under these age restrictions, you may not register or participate on Apelo Panel, and if we discover you have an account it will be deactivated. Note: Age restrictions may vary by country.
Each individual in your household may have their own account. It is against our terms of service to have more than one account per member.
It really depends on your profile completion. If you have all your profile questions completed, you have the possibility of getting more Surveys.
On all Surveys, we ask few questions initially to see if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you will automatically proceed to the MAIN SURVEY. But, we will try our best to make sure that we send you more appropriate surveys.
We would try to send your reward as soon as possible but it might take upto 3 weeks to reach you from the date of submitting your reward claim.